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With our in-house powdercoating oven, we can cater to all requirements including zinc primer as well as a limitless variety of colours and textures to suit your style.

Powdercoating is more sustainable than a usual liquid paint, and still provides a high quality finish. Using powdercoating allows for reduced scratching, chipping, abrasions, corrosion and fading. 

Further to this we can offer a service of shotblasting, and galvanizing, to renew and restore any older pieces you may have that are in need of a fresh durable look.

Shotblasting cleans and strips any old paint, rust, or unwanted particles from the surface, allowing a re-coat and new finish to an older product, suitable for  renewing instead of replacing.

Galvanizing helps prevents and reduce the risk of rusting over time, and ensures your product lasts for a substantial amount of time.